Extra, Extra..Read All About it as we bring you Reptile Village News!

The past ten days have been so busy for all of the staff in Reptile Village and this blog post is about to get you up to speed, so below you will find 5 Reptile Village News stories:

1) We are sad to be officially closing down our group page on Facebook after more than 3 years in action, this week (January 31st at 6pm). However we are excited that all of our Facebook friends will be together on one page, the much busier ‘like page’ and this is the main reason for the closure of the original group.

(Link below is to our ‘Like Page’)


We want to make sure that our messages reach everyone, so you can all get our updates, pictures, take part in competitions and know exactly where our ‘Zoo to You’ team are travelling to..which brings me nicely to my next news piece!

2) Our ‘Zoo to You’ teams are set for a busy 2013 as bookings have come flooding in (enjoy that pun for the miserable rainy day that we’re having)! Bookings are filling up fast for events such as Communions, Confirmations, Birthday Parties and Family Fun Days/Festivals!

If you are interested get in contact asap so you won’t be disappointed!

PS, watch this space…we may also have some huge news on the pop up zoo our ‘Zoo to You’ team travel with very soon..but ssssssh!

James, Bosc Monitor, Family, Raheny Family Fun Day

3) This weekend we welcomed our first EVER official members and we are so excited!  We began offering annual membership to our visitors waaaaaay back in September 2012, right around the time when things get quiet in here. So you can imagine our excitement at having the first family annual membership spot filled this weekend!

Its only €120 for 2 adults and 3 children and allows you up to 12 visits per year..which is a huge saving of over €200!!!

4) It is intern mania this year too! Lately we have gotten more applications for volunteer work, TY work placement, and third level internships than ever before! We are so grateful for all the extra help and wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that if you are over 18 you are eligible to volunteer here or carry out work placement for college! If you are 16+ you can take part in our TY work experience programmes too!

Melanie and Tarantula September 2012

These programmes are a great way to gain some experience working with animals and working in the tourism sector and many of our current employees started out here on work placement schemes, including Marie who is studying vet nursing (which makes her a huge asset to us). Rob who is studying business and Megan (who is our current manager) both began here as TY work experience students!

You can apply via email; info@reptilevillage.net

Okay so seeing as I can’t reveal all about some of our upcoming events and offers number 5 is just for fun:

5) Our gorgeous Royal Pythons were too busy to eat for us last weekend and there were a lot of excited faces around here when we discovered why…they were mating! We have never had baby Royals (aka Ball Pythons) in Reptile Village before and we are hoping this is another first for us in 2013! Needless to say, our female royal pyhton is being watched round the clock by our team, making sure she is as comfortable as she can be, in the hopes that she has lots of eggs in her ever expanding tummy! I’ll keep you posted on this!

But seriously, who wouldn’t want some cute baby versions of this:

Royal Python Rafiki



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