Guest Blog – Jason Pitjak, one of our Dutch Interns.

So over the next couple of weeks, we are giving some blog space to each of our three Dutch Interns, who are studying Ecology and Wildlife in Velp in The Netherlands. First up is Jason!

“In my first week at the reptile zoo I already learned many things. We started the week with a little tour around the zoo, after that we started right away, starting with feeding the animals their vegetables. After a few days I already learned a lot about different kind of species. One of my favorite is the crested gecko, ofcourse I like all kind of reptiles. We got to learn how to feed the animals crickets and other kind of food.”


Jason and one of his favourites, a Caiman Lizard!

“And one of the most exciting parts so far is that I get to build my own exhibit. I actually got a few weeks time to finish it, but it’s really nice to work your fantasies on it.”

“Working with a small group of people is also very nice, they’re all very kind and it’s really fun to work with everyone. I already got a lot of responsibility wich is very nice. But I still got a lot to learn, working towards my goals of recognizing every kind of reptile in here.”

Jason inside of one of the exhibits he’s creating. We may have left him in the heat the heat too long!

“One of the best things in the zoo is that people actually can get to handle some of the animals, so one of the keepers take out a few animals and the visitors can see the animals from up close. Sometimes even pet the animals a little. I hope I can give this “handlings” to visitors in the future. So for now I’m ending this blog with a big smile and hope to learn a lot more in the Reptile Village Zoo.”

Jason Pitjak 

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