Is swimming with Alligators on your Bucket List?

This time of year brings with it lots of talk about new years resolutions and phrases like ‘new year, new me’ and ‘this will be the year I… (insert goal here, lose weight etc) ‘ but how many people actually stick to them?

In Reptile Village there has been talks of charity work we would like to get more involved in, travel, marathons but mostly ‘bucket lists’.  The bucket list thing has come about as Megan (the chatterbox of the team) made her bucket list recently and won’t stop talking about it, swimming with our Alligators is on her list and this gave us an idea; it must be on other people’s bucket lists too, so lets help them out!

Zoo director James likes to get in with Battle and CC from time to time, usually just to check them out for any health issues or to fix a problem with their enclosure..and occasionally just because he can or because its below:

Zoo Director James Hennessy with Battle and CC

Do you think you’re brave enough to take the plunge?

Here is what you need to know:

You will get a detailed safety briefing, crocodilian handling session using our Caiman Crocodiles, access to the zoo after hours for you and 4 guests, certificate on completion, minimum 15 minutes swim time with the Alligators!

American Alliagtor, Battle

Go on, be brave…we dare you!

A voucher for this experience would also make a great birthday/valentines/Christmas present too!


Call us on 056 77 26757 or email us:  for full details.

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