See you later, Alligator…In a while, crocodile!



See you later, Alligator….. In a while, Crocodile!


This Sunday, January 29th, we are bringing you an exclusive opportunity to peak ‘behind the scenes’ at The National Reptile Zoo as we prepare 3 of our Salt Water Crocodiles (Crocodylus Porosus) for their next big journey!


saltee under water over water


We made headlines back in 2014 when the 6 juvenile crocs made the huge trip from Auckland to Sydney, to Abu Dhabi to London and finally landed in Dublin. (Click here to see our Salties being introduced to their new home).

Irish Examiner front page 2014

Irish Times front page 2014


The 6 juvenile crocs were the first ever crocs to be exported from New Zealand after Butterfly Creek Zoo, Auckland, no longer had the space to house them. Salt Water Crocs can reach lengths of over 6m and weigh up to 1000kg.

Since making their incredibly long journey half way round the world, two  of the salties were donated to zoos in the UK, two went on temporary loan to Dingle Aquarium and were recently returned to us here in The National Reptile Zoo in Gowran, Co.Kilkenny.

swimmiung with saltees


So what’s next for these well traveled crocs? 


This spring will see 3 of our 4 Salties travel once again, this time they will be making their way to their new home in a crocodile zoo in Denmark.

We will be sad to see them go, but we’re confident that we have a chosen a brilliant new home for them!

saltee 1 jpg


As they will be leaving us in the coming weeks, we decided to let you guys have an exclusive look at what goes on behind the scenes in The National Reptile Zoo by carrying out their January morphometric recording at our animal encounter arena! That’s right, for one day only you will get to see these incredible crocodiles up close and out of the water as our keepers talk you through the morphometric (weight and length / growth rate) recording process, in preparation for their big move!

saltee 2

There will be 4 chances throughout the day to take part in this exclusive experience  (1.30pm, 2.30pm , 3.30pm and the final chance at 4.30pm).


See you later, Alligator….. In a while, Crocodile!

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