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Careers & Work Experience

The National Reptile Zoo has a strong emphasis on education. The future of the world’s habitats and biodiversity lies in the hands of it’s human population. So to safeguard that future, knowledge is our best weapon. To this end the facility offers itself as a training and learning platform. As

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Transition Year Work Experience

The aim of our Transition Year program is to teach people how a zoo facility works, and give them a taster as to what it might be like to work in that area as a career. Animals need to be cleaned and given fresh water daily but there are also

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Project Chicchan Guatemala (part 2)

It’s been a while (as we’ve hit our peak season here!) but here’s the updates from Zoo Director James Hennessy on the rest of the Guatemala expedition! I’ve now returned from expedition and have been settling back into the hectic Summer season here in the zoo. The last week of

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Extra, Extra..Read All About it as we bring you Reptile Village News!

The past ten days have been so busy for all of the staff in Reptile Village and this blog post is about to get you up to speed, so below you will find 5 Reptile Village News stories: 1) We are sad to be officially closing down our group page on

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