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A huge thank you to all visitor donations which have contributed to funding the Gerry Martin Project to help tackle the venomous snakebite crisis in India.

India accounts for nearly half of the global 40,000 -50,000 deaths caused by snakebites every year and many more suffer from tissue damage or loss of limbs. The Gerry Martin Projects has been working on educating at-risk communities on avoiding and treating snakebites since 2013. This includes providing solar powered lanterns and gumboots to people working in fields and high-risk areas and informing farmers of the presence of snakes in their locality.

Their latest project focuses on studying the Russell’s viper which is responsible for the majority of snakebite deaths. A lack of national data makes it difficult to properly quantify numbers of people affected by bites. While not all bites are fatal, they can cause immense loss and suffering at the expense of people who cannot afford it. By attaching radio transmitters to these animals, this pioneering project tracks them daily noting the movement, behaviours, seasons and populations of Russell’s vipers.

By filling the knowledge gap of this species, the Gerry Martin Project hopes to understand the snake-human conflict, and reduce people and snakes coming across one another. The findings from this research will allow governments and organisations to design and implement more effective interventions, reducing snakebite victims and helping us to coexist with snakes and preventing these important animals from disappearing forever.

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