Leaving certificate workshops

As part of our Zoo To You program we are offering a more specific educational opportunity that covers the ecology curriculum for senior cycle biology students, our Habitat Building Workshop!

Ecology is a difficult subject to wrap your head around so we wanted to make it easier for students by providing a hands on experience to base their new knowledge on.

We can also do this virtually through our Zoo-Zoom platform!!

Whats included?!

    • Pupils will be asked to build suitable habitats for each animal which gives them the opportunity to learn all about the dynamics of a functioning ecosystem, animal adaptations, behavior and predator-prey relationships while getting the chance to physically interact with some really cool animals.

We will also provide a worksheet for students as a tool to learn all necessary definitions etc. in the ecology section of the LC syllabus.

For more information on this or to make a booking please email Niamh at education@nationalreptilezoo.ie