Leaving certificate workshops

As part of our Zoo To You program we are offering a more specific educational opportunity that covers the ecology curriculum for senior cycle biology students, our Habitat Building Workshop!

Ecology is a difficult subject to wrap your head around so we wanted to make it easier for students by providing a hands on experience to base their new knowledge on.

One of our trained educators can come to your school for a full day of teaching and workshops, bringing with them a range of our reptile ambassadors, lots of different materials such as soil, sand, branches, etc. and some enclosures for students to design according to the needs of the animals on hand.

One of the habitats built for the Gopher snake by students in Drimnagh, he loved it!


Whats included?!

  • Pupils get the opportunity to learn all about the dynamics of a functioning ecosystem based on animal adaptations, behavior and predator-prey relationships while getting the chance to physically interact with some really cool animals.
  • After they have learnt all about the animals they are asked to build what they think would be a suitable habitat for the animal to live in using the materials provided. During this time we ask students to really think about the ecological relationships involved in the habitat and try to solidify the knowledge gained from the curriculum by using all the key terms.
  • A full worksheet that covers the whole ecology curriculum is provided so students can learn all the necessary definitions and theories as well as design food chains and food webs and have something to take home for revision!

The price for the full day with one class is €600. This covers one educator, some reptiles, all materials for habitat building, the enclosures, the worksheet and of course a once in a lifetime experience!

We can also send you the worksheet to go through in your own class time and come to you only to do the workshop and solidify what you have already taught them. For prices per class or any other queries please email Niamh at info@nationalreptilezoo.ie.